Beginners Course

Try 2 weeks of Ashtanga on us!

People with very little or no experience of ashtanga vinyasa yoga are welcome at Te Aro Astanga Yoga.

If you wish to join our community to practice this traditional and beautiful yoga practice then we offer a 2 week introductory trial for free.

All we ask from you is that you come with an open mind and that you commit to attending at least 3 sessions per week, morning or evening for the first session and then a mix of both if you need to.

This was my first experience with Astanga yoga and I absolutely loved it. I really enjoy the ‘hands-on’ style of teaching and personal guidence, so you can work at your own pace.

Mike is not only a very knowledgeable and skilled but also friendly, gentle and encouraging instructor. He certainly makes the class and yoga a lot more enjoyable! 

Kelly Lee

How to prepare:
  • Wear comfortable clothes (track/bike pants, singlet, t-shirt) and expect to get a bit warm
  • Avoid eating too much before class, as bending is better on an empty stomach!


Attending the class:
  • We have changing/bathroom facilities and provide yoga mats and drinking water for your use
  • You won’t need shoes for the class.
  • Plan for each session to take between 75 and 90 minutes

Sign up 

Provide your contact details and confirm when you would like to start your free introductory trial. 

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Steps to book your introductory course

  1. Provide your contact details
  2. Select “Introductory Trial”
  3. Select your starting date of the week you want to start.
    Please only select one date.
  4. Select book now to confirm 

Please note:

  • Our start times are flexible so please contact us below for the best time for you to start on yor selected day.
  • In order to give you the best possible start, there will be a limit of 2 beginners a week.
  • If you want to do the course at the same time as a friend then contact us to arrange

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Level 1 of Left Bank, Cuba Mall, Wellington.

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