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Beginner Astanga Yoga

New to yoga – Beginner courses
If you wish to join our community to practice this traditional and beautiful yoga practice then we offer a 2 week introductory trial for free.

People with very little or no experience of  yoga are welcome at Te Aro Astanga Yoga

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Astanga Yoga Wellington

Led classes
Are talk-through classes with students following in unison in the Astanga yoga style

Open classes
Are taught Mysore style and are suitable for all levels.

We practice astanga yoga by combining breath control/focus (pranayama) with flowing movements (vinyasa).

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Ashtanga in Winter — Keep it Simple

Ashtanga in Winter — Keep it Simple

It is Winter here in Aotearoa/New Zealand and it's cold, wet and windy in Wellington. This makes the Yoga āsana practice more challenging. When you get to my age (mid sixties) its like pick-a-part of the body to be sore this week. All these little aches and pains...