Authentic yoga in the heart of Wellington

Te Aro Astanga yoga (also spelt ‘ashtanga yoga’) is a yoga studio in Wellington that brings the mind, body and spirit into unity while enhancing physical fitness and boosting inner strength. It is an ideal form of yoga for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

Based on the teachings of Sanskrit scholar Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, our Astanga yoga classes combine breath control (pranayama) with flowing movements (vinyasa). As students move through the different postures (asanas), they focus attention on the breath, gazing points (drishti) and energy locks (bandhas). This process stretches the limbs, focuses the mind and cultivates confidence.

In short order, students at our yoga studio enjoy increased flexibility, cardio, and circulatory health. Astanga practice can balance metabolism, firm up the body and (through improved respiration) provide a tremendous boost of vitality. We offer open classes in the classic Mysore style yoga, led classes (students following an instructor) and beginners yoga classes for those seeking to build a solid foundation for their well being.

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Looking Ahead.


 Christmas Break

 Our last class for 2017 will be the evening “Open” session on Thurs. 21st December. Te Aro Astanga Yoga studio closed until our first class of 2018 which is the “Led” class on Sunday 14th January at 10 am. Have a happy and safe Christmas and New Year celebration everyone.

 5 Mysore Mornings per Week

That’s right. We will be doing the Open morning sessions on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday until Christmas. Mike will be leading the Mon. Wed. and Fri. and Olivia will be doing Tues. and Thurs. Take advantage of the early morning light and start the habit of practicing every morning. We will be observing rest days on the Full and New Moon.