Ashtanga Workshop Rishikesh & Yātrā 2023 – Amazing Journey to the Source

by Nov 18, 2022

18th Sept. to 7th Oct. 2023

Yes, our 2022 Ashtanga Workshop in Rishikesh and 10 day Yātrā/pilgrimmage was so amazing that I’ve decided to do it again in 2023. I did learn some things this year that I will apply next year so there will be some changes. If you’d like to see comments and pictures from 2022 then CLICK HERE.

In 2022 we had 5 nights at the wonderful Rainforest House in Rishikesh for our Ashtanga Workshop. I felt that this was too short as I didn’t get through all that I wanted to and also we could have had more time to explore. In 2023 we will be doing 7 nights at Rainforest House. This also means that if people do want to do an Ashtanga Workshop in Rishikesh but not carry on to the Yātrā, they’re getting more time and better value.

The 2022 Yātrā was very intense. Getting to all 4 temples of Chardham in 10 days meant there was pressure on us every day to either travel or trek or spend time at a temple. It was relentless and I want to take that pressure off in 2023. We will only be doing 3 of the Chardham temples plus plenty of other smaller temples. We will have a rest day after the long trek down from Kedarnath. I’ve also added 2 nights in Haridwar at the end before we travel to Delhi to fly out. This means that this part of the journey will be 12 nights.

So, 20 nights in all. As in 2022 the fee you pay me covers travel from Delhi to Delhi. While we are doing our Ashtanga Workshop at Rainforest House 3 meals a day are included. While we are on Yātrā breakfast and dinner are included but you will have to pay for lunch (usually $5 – $10). Extra expenses include a donation/fee expected at every temple we visit, the cost of a cooking class in Rishikesh if you want to do it, tips to staff, our guide and our driver and of course, spending money.

Rishikesh & Yātrā 2023 Details

To see dates and costs for the Ashtanga Workshop in Rishikesh & Yātrā 2023 download or view the .pdf

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