An Amazing Yoga Pilgrimage in India 2023

by Jun 14, 2024

In late Sept./early Oct. of 2023 we went on our second Yoga Pilgrimage in India. We started with 7 nights in the holy city of Rishikesh doing and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga workshop. Our venue was on the banks of the Ganges and the river certainly worked her magic. All the participants felt her energy and the added depth this brought to their practice. We then commenced the Yatra/Pilgrimage part of our journey, travelling into the Himalayas to have darshan at some of the most sacred and ancient temples of Northern India. This was simply unforgettable. Please scroll down to see comments and photos from myself and my fellow Yatris. Click on the pictures to see more photos.

I will be doing another Yoga Pilgrimage in India in Sept./Oct. 2025 so if you’d like to join us then keep an eye on this web site.

Yoga Pilgrimage in India


Our September/Oct 2023 Workshop and Yoga Pilgrimage in India was fanatastic in so many ways and on so many levels. I won’t say much here as the pictures really tell the story, but I do need to say that it was the people on this trip that made the difference. We had quite a diverse group in terms of age, background and yoga experience but it worked. A huge thank you to my fellow Yatris. You all made it easy and enjoyable for me.

I also need to thank Akshay of TravelVaidya in Haridwar for organising the Yatra part of the journey. If you are thinking of taking a group to do a Yoga pilgrimage in India and need someone to organise then I can’t recommend Akshay and his team highly enough. Contact him —

In Rishikesh we stayed at H7 Stay on the Ganges and this was ideal. The accommodation was basic but clean, the food was good, the location was fantastic and their Yoga space has a wonderful view over the Ganges. What more could you ask for? Our stay was facilitated for us by my friend, Manish Bhatt. If you are ever going to visit Rishikesh do get in touch with Manish. There is nothing in Rishikesh that he cannot organise for you, including yoga classes, massage, shopping, temple visits, sightseeing etc. Contact him via his WhatsApp account.

I will miss not going on Yoga pilgrimage to India and Workshop in Rishikesh this year. It is fully my intention to organise the trip again for Sept./Oct. 2025 so keep the dates in mind if you’d like to join us. In the meantime, enjoy these photos and comments for 2023.


Fellow Travellers Words and Best Photos

Click on images to see more pics


New Zealand is very quiet and very still after returning from 3 weeks in India. Spending a week in Rishikesh, and then 2 weeks on Yātrā in the Himalayas (with a 2-night chaser of Agra to visit the Taj to finish it off) could best be described as an explosion of sound, colour, smell, taste (₹300 Deluxe vege Thali is always worth a 45 minute wait), thrown together with a fantastic group of people often crammed into precarious all-day bus rides excitedly waiting for their next coffee/chai/ice-cream/lunch break….READ MORE

Yoga Pilgrimage in India
Yoga Pilgrimage in India


It was an incredible experience. A highlight was hiking up to Kedarnath which was very hard but rewarding and incredible to have darshan at the temple. I felt like we really got to experience India’s culture in all its glory.


TAAY Yatra was abundant with spiritual riches, delicious food, beautiful people, colour, fragrance, noise, peace, sweat, laughter, tears, joy and challenges. I loved every day of it.

Yoga Pilgrimage in India
Yoga Pilgrimage in India


I didn’t know what to expect but found the trip enriching and rewarding. Practicing alongside the Ganges and attending workshops has ignited renewed energy and enthusiasm in my yoga practice. Rishikesh is a holy city and I felt the mauri of the place especially the awa mother Ganges. The Yātrā was challenging but rewarding to walk alongside Indians making their pilgrimage and to start to understand some of the Hindu faith and cuture.


The India trip wasn’t what I expected but definitely had quite a profound effect on me. The Ganges is definitely a very potent and beautiful river! I think I probably improved my yoga more in 5 days there than I have in the last 5 months! The colours and relaxed attitude in total bedlam of the locals seem to stick in the memory, the feeling of being in altitude, the food, the Shiva temples are all things I’ll definitely never forget and cherish and the lovely group of people that had a very relaxed and happy team atmosphere almost all of the time. Really appreciate Mike presenting that opportunity and 100% keen to go to Rishikesh again!

Yoga Pilgrimage in India
Yoga Pilgrimage in India


This was a fabulous trip so much fun…the colour, heat, food, yoga, lots of laughter and good vibes. A wonderful group of people…we all got on so well no scraps. Breathtakingly beautiful scenery as we travelled through the ravines up in the mountains…wonderfully safe experienced driver. Great accommodation. So well organized by Mike…would highly recommend this trip.


Had an amazing time on Rishikesh/Yatra 23! Super special group to explore and experience the treasures of Rishikesh and journey on Yatra.
Visiting super old temples and soaking up the vibes of Indian culture is seriously cool. It’s addictive!  READ MORE
Yoga Pilgrimage in India

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