Yoga for Beginners in Wellington: How to Find an Awesome Yoga Studio

by Sep 4, 2017

Every good yoga for beginners practice starts with you deciding which studio is right for you. In case you’re new to all things yoga, it will be hard for you to choose where to look at.

Luckily, there are plenty of quality yoga for beginners classes if you know what characteristics they should have. We can enlist a hundred different features to look for in a yoga studio, but to make it short, here are a few of the most important ones.

Te Aro Astanga Yoga

Studio Location, Price, and Timetables

The first thing you’re going to need to know about a studio is its location. Surely, you won’t go to a yoga for beginners practice if you’re limited by your schedule, and the class is an hour away from you.

As for those that rely on public transportation, choosing a favourite yoga place will depend on the vicinity so that you can go about your daily routine carelessly.

Next main feature is the price. If you’re limited by budget, you’ll have to narrow down your options. Fortunately, most studios offer discounts to students or yearly deals, and it’s a small price for all the benefits you can get from it.

The last technical trait is the timetable. When yogis’ calendar is free of constant changes, and the same teacher leads them through their yoga journey, it’s easier to make progress.

Choosing a Perfect Yoga Instructor

A suitable yoga for beginners instructor will make you do exercises that are perfect for your body type and challenge you to do better. What you have to watch out for his or her level of experience and proper certification.

On the other hand, bad instructors will lie about their knowledge and level of expertise. You may even lose interest in yoga because of their questionable practice.

There are a few tricks you can use to determine whether a yoga teacher is a professional and aligns with your needs. Firstly, you can visit their website and read their biographies.

Secondly, you can ask the people who go to the same studio if it’s an authorised business and how the classes look like.

Lastly, every instructor had a teacher once. You can even consult the teachers about your future yoga instructor and his or her teaching style.

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Types of Yoga Classes and Community

What you look for in a yoga for beginners practice? Are you a social person? Do you want to know more about activities connected to yoga? Can I connect my faith with yoga journey?

All these questions should be on your list while looking for yoga for beginners. The types of classes can be easy at the start, but make sure you choose a studio that offers more challenging practice as you go.

You may start with yin yoga, or hot yoga, and end up practising astanga yoga. It all depends on your preferences and potential.

Since we’re social beings, interactions play a huge role in each of our activities. People have the power to enrich our experience, so it’s crucial to select a yoga community where we feel happy and encouraged to continue our practice.

How to know if a group is right for us? Many studios let you visit a couple of classes or any class within the permitted period for a low price. There you can see if the teacher, the lesson or the people fit your wishes.

Ask Your Yogi Friends

Everyone has that one yogi friend that has been practising for twenty years. He or she must know the best yoga studios in the area.

Numerous places allow their students to come to their first yoga for beginners class with a friend. So, even if they are not experts in yoga, they can help you with your resolution.

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Deciding on the Top Three Studios

Once you’ve collected a list of possible yoga studios, it’s time to go around and narrow it down to top three studios. You can then check out what each place offers and decide on the ideal one.

You would want to go through all of the features we enlisted here and of course, go with your gut. Be realistic, question everything and do not overestimate or underestimate your abilities.

Yoga for Beginners in Wellington

Provided that you look for yoga in Wellington, you would want to choose between many specialised teachers in the area. Most of them will offer yoga for beginners and have certified yoga instructors. Sadly, only a few have bathrooms and changing facilities.

However, here Te Aro Astanga Yoga, we offer you not only a free use of lavatories and changing rooms, but provide yoga mats and drinking water. Feel free to contact us to begin your exciting yoga adventure!

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