Ashtanga Yoga Workshop in Rishikesh + Yātrā/Pilgrimmage 21 Sept. — 7 Oct. 2022

by Feb 14, 2022

Part 1: Ashtanga Yoga Workshop with Mike Berghan of Te Aro Astanga Yoga

Wed. 21st to Mon. 26th September 2022 at Rainforest House – 16 people max.

Morning Mysore session + Workshops and Discussion + Chanting + Explore Rishikesh and Area

Quiet and clean accommodation on the banks of the River Ganga

Beautiful, vegetarian meals.

Cost: $NZ1050

Part 2: 10 Day Chota Char Dham Yātrā – a Pilgrimmage in to the Himalaya.

Mon. 26th Sept. to Thurs. 6th Oct. 2022 – 16 people max.

Travel with Mike on a guided tour into the Indian Himalayas.

Have Darshan at 4 Temples that have been sites of pilgrimmage for centuries.

Yamunotri – Gangotri – Kedarnath – Badrinath.

Cost: $NZ1400

Cost for Whole Trip (Delhi to Delhi): $NZ2300

Deposit of $NZ108 required by 30th May 2022

To Register your interest: Contact Mike –

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