How To Book for the Sunday Led Class

by Sep 9, 2021

While we are at Covid Level 2 you need to book for the Sunday Led Class as I can only fit 10 mats in the room. To do this you need to Log In to the Member Portal of GymMaster, or sign in if you haven’t already. Here are the steps to take to do this. Firstly CLICK HERE to get to the Member Portal. You will see this.

GymMaster sign up

Sign in if you already have a log in password. If you haven’t then click on the “Forgot Password” and use the email that I have for you to either reset your old password or to make a new one. Once you have done that, sign in to the Member Portal and you will see this..


Click on “Booking” and the drop down menu will appear. Select “Book a Class/Beginners Trial”. You will then see this…


Select the “Sunday Led Class” and then “Book Now”. Well done! You have done it. You will only be able to book if there is space available.

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